Hello tiger fans! This is your friendly neighborhood admin checking in.

As some of the more active users may know, the site has had some slowdown in big updates. This is in great part my fault. I have been prioritizing work and family for a long time now. Because of this, I have only had time to do basic maintenance on the wiki. I cannot apologize for this because everyone on the internet should know that the real world comes first. That being said, I am pleased to say that I will have a bit of time on my hands with this coming holiday. I plan to update and finish the Tiger's Curse book synopsis. A third of the revised version is already complete. With any luck, that synopsis will be published to the site. I might even start on the Tiger's Quest synopsis. Finger's crossed!

Hopefully I can blog a little more regularly so users can hear about updates and the like. Make sure to check out the Tiger's Curse Wiki's official tumblr page for some fun content.

Happy Holidays!

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