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Colleen Houck

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Tiger's Promise

He hopped back and picked up a knife with a carved hilt. His face mottled, he brought the blade to my throat and could have easily drawn it across, especially when his guards grabbed my hair and yanked my head back exposing it.

He seemed to think better of ending my life though and his eyes grew thoughtful as he drew the side of the blade down one cheekbone and then the other in a menacing sort of caress. “You’ll regret that,” he said, almost too pleasantly. “Now then, where was I?"

Tiger's Dream is the fifth book in the Tiger's Curse series by Colleen Houck.


In 2014 Collen Houck stated on the official book website that due to other projects and obligations, "Tiger's Dream is on the back burner right now...."[1] She is currently working on her Reawakened series. In April 2016 Houck released a teaser for the first chapter of Tiger's Dream.[2] When asked about the publication of Tiger's Dream on Twitter in June that same year, Houck responded by saying the book would not be published until her Reawakened series had been finished. "So best guess is spring 2018."[3]

In August 2016 she tweeted out that she needed to reread her series in order to write Tiger's Dream.[4] One month later Houck commented on how weird it was to come back to the series after three years.[5] A few teaser paragraphs were provided on Houck's Facebook page in November.[6]




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