Salem, Oregon is a city located in the United States. This setting is where the Tiger's Curse Series begins.


Tiger's CurseEdit

Kelsey Hayes was born and raised in Salem, Oregon. It is here where she gets her first job as an animal caretaker for the visiting circus after graduating high school. She meets Ren the tiger, and is offered a false intership by Mr. Kadam after working for about two weeks. When she has completed her first quest, Kelsey returns to Salem in order to attend college.

Tiger's QuestEdit

The second novel of the five-part series picks up right where the last one left off. Kelsey is home in Salem and going to the local college. Ren, and later his brother Kishan, come to visit Kelsey and stay with her for a number of months. Soon, they are leaving Salem to have another adventure.


  • Salem is the capital city of Oregon.
  • Colleen Houck, author of the Tiger's Curse Series, currently lives in Salem, Oregon.