Randi is a character that appeared in Tiger's Voyage.


Randi appeared in Tiger's Voyage as Ren's new girlfriend after he and Kelsey broke up. She is described by Kelsey as a "barbie-doll." When she arrived on the ship Kelsey was shocked at how fast Ren had moved on. Randi made fun of Kelsey because she was from Oregon. That night at dinner she took only the vegetables from the buffet and warned Ren not to eat any of the meats or the shrimp. While they were eating she mentioned that she always watch what she eats. She even said that animals are dirty, disgusting, and belonged in a zoo. Since she thinks this she can never imagine herself digesting any kind of meat. She ate half of the salad on her plate and complained that she needed to work out for an hour. Randi caused so many problems while on board that it caused Mr. Kadam to never leave his room until she was gone. She insulted every crew member, flirted with Kishan, and caused Nilima to get really mad, which surprised Kelsey because she had rarely seen her get mad. Randi went too far when she broke into Kishan's shower to ask where Ren was. Even Ren became depressed by this, resulting in him hiding in the ship's storage as a tiger for 12 hours. When Randi left, everyone was relieved and hoped to never see her again.