In the Tiger's Curse Series, a prophecy is a clue used by Kelsey, Ren, and Kishan in order to find the items required to lift the curse placed upon the two princes. In Tiger's Curse, Kelsey and Ren traveled to the Kanheri Caves and found four prophecies carved into the wall. Mr. Kadam translated and decoded the prophecies before the team went on an adventure. There are four prophecies, each relating to one of the four elements of the series: earth, air, water, and fire.

First ProphecyEdit

"For protection, seek her temple
And take hold of Durga's blessing.
Travel west and search Kishkindha
Where simians rule the ground.
Gada strike in Hanuman's realm;
And hunt the branch that's bound.
Thorny dangers grasp above;
Dazzling dangers lie below,
Strangle, ensnare, the ones you love—
And trap in brackish undertow.
Lurid phantoms thwart your route
And guardians wait to bar your way.
Beware once they begin pursuit
Or embrace their moldering decay.
But all of this you can refute
If serpants find forbidden fruit
And India's hunger satisfy...
Lest all her people surely die.
—The First Prophecy Tiger's Curse, page 161

Second ProphecyEdit

"Seek her gifts before all else
For Durga's blessing waits anew.
The place of gods begins your quest
'Neth Noe's glacial mountain blue.
Let Ocean Teacher 'noint your eyes;
Unfold the hoary sacred scrolls.
Teach arrant wisdom and advise
Gates of Spirit he controls.
Paradise awaits; remain steadfast
And find the navel stone
Which leads you to the heart of all
Ancient history's leafy throne.
Atop the world-tree is your airy prize.
Grasp bow and arrow, let fly true.
Discus routs and 'chief's disguise
Can stave off those who would pursue.
Four houses shall your spirit test
Of birds, bats, gours, and siren's nest.
And last of all look to the sky
As iron guardians round you fly.
India's masses shall be robed
And rise in strength across the globe.
—The Second Prophecy Tiger's Quest, page 184

Third ProphecyEdit

"Lustrous gems of blazon black
Once graced her satin'd skin.
A ruthless knave her neck ransack'd;
The strand sank deep within.
Now beads hide buried in the sea;
A brave one brings them out.
Deadly monsters bite and sting—
Too horrible to rout.
But trident wield, kamandal imbibe,
And the lady who weaves the silk
Will guide and guarantee you lay
The wreath on sea of milk.
Seek dragon kings of the oceans five
From cardinal compass as you dive:
Red Dragon's stars move in astral time;
Blue Dragon's range points the way;
Green dragon helps see through the clime;
Gold Dragon's town lies 'neath the waves;
White Dragon unlocks the door to icy lights.
Take her arms and wield them well
Her unblemish'd prize to win.
Capture the string with fluid powers;
Head homeward once again.
Cool India's lands with precious dew;
Rivers, streams, the rain will fill.
The dry land and the heart renew,
Else healing pow'r is latent still.
—The Third Prophecy Tiger's Voyage, page 71

Fourth ProphecyEdit

"Flames of the skies,
Sunset and Sunrise,
Await you with blazing breath.
Caldera descend
And Qilin defend
While Rakshasas seek your death.
When Bodha is near,
That which fear
Will threaten to tear you in two.
But with armor and sword,
You will find your reward
And spells of illusion undo.
The Lords of Fire
Intend to conspire
To keep you from what you need.
A burning lash
From Chimera's cache
Is a prize they surely won't cede.
Then when you have won,
And you task is done,
It is time to cross to the past.
When destiny dawns close,
Overcome your foes
And bring India peace at last.
—The Fourth Prophecy Tiger's Quest, page 103