Mumbai, India is the most populated city in the country. It is here where Kelsey Hayes lands in India for the very first time.


Tiger's CurseEdit

After flying on a private plane, Kelsey Hayes steps off and gets her glance at India in Mumbai. The sights, sounds, and smells overwhelm her. Here she sees the markets and crowds of people. Kelsey rides through the city in the truck transporting the tiger, Ren.

Tiger's QuestEdit

Whilst in Shang-La, Kishan and Kelsey fought the Giant Iron Birds, claiming the Divine Scarf, the second of the four gifts to break the curse, Kelsey and Mr. Kadam had another vision intertwining with Lokesh as well. During the vision, Lokesh revealed that the tallest buidling in Mumbai with the penthouse was his to Mr. Kadam.


  • Mumbai is the most populated city in India.
  • The city was formerly called Bombay. Early English explorers named the city. India changed it to Mumbai officially in 1995, in honor of their independence from Britain.
  • Mumbai, India is the capital city of the state of Maharashtra.