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The Dark Wizard
The Dark King




Expensive clothing


Dark magic

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Light Tan


Yuvakshi (wife) †
Yesubai (daughter) †


Kelsey Hayes


King Rajaram
Queen Deschen
Mr. Kadam
Nilima Mehta
Kelsey Hayes

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Tiger's Curse

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Tiger's Promise

Lokesh is a dark wizard king who cursed Ren and Kishan into tigers. He kidnapped Kelsey at the end of Tiger's Voyage so she could bear him a son. He killed his wife Yuvakshi when she bore him a daughter, Yesubai, whom he killed years later.


Tiger's PromiseEdit

Lokesh was a man obsessed with power and hungry for blood. He joined the military and quickly rose through the ranks. He married Yuvakshi, the daughter of a merchant that possessed a remarkable beauty. When his wife bore a daughter, Lokesh became enraged and strangled the woman to death almost immediately after giving birth. Lokesh later became the military commander of the small kingdom of Bhreenam. He appeased the aging king and the nobles, using his charming daughter Yesubai as a political pawn. There were many times he journeyed to the neighboring kingdom of Mujulaain in order to obtain the Damon Amulet. With that amulet, Lokesh could conquer the world. He vowed to take the pieces of the amulet the two princes of Mujalaain withheld. When the elderly king of Bhreenam passed away, Lokesh took the throne. When his daughter came of age, he engaged her to the eldest prince of Mujulaain Ren in order to merge the two kingdoms. Yesubai fell in love with his younger brother Kishan, but Lokesh used this to his advantage. He used his daughter to lure the two brothers into a trap in order to obtain the two Damon Amulet pieces they carried. When the princes and his daughter attacked him, he used his powers and a piece of the amulet to curse Ren and Kishan to the form of tigers and broke Yesubai's neck.

Tiger's CurseEdit

As she plucked the golden fruit from a tree in Kishkindha, Kelsey has a vision of Lokesh as well as Mr. Kadam. Immediately after having this vision, Lokesh sent his assistant to find the girl who had a piece of the Damon Amulet.

Tiger's QuestEdit

When Kelsey grabbed the Divine Scarf from the bird nest, Lokesh threatened her and offered to "put Ren out of his misery". When Kelsey, Kishan, and Mr. Kadam go to save Ren, Lokesh made threats to kill Ren to Kishan that made him stop, when he was in position to kill him. Lokesh got away unharmed.

Tiger's VoyageEdit

Lokesh is enraged that Kelsey, Kishan, and Mr. Kadam managed to escape with Ren. When a servant brings him the broken tracking tag, Lokesh throws him out of a window along with it and buries him alive just as he is about to hit the ground of the penthouse. He then disovers the piece of the amulet given to him by Kelsey was actually a fake when he tries to merge it with his own. It was revealed later he killed his wife when she bore him a daughter instead of a son, and had planned to marry Deschen after murdering Rajaram, mostly to "break her spirit". He muses that Kelsey reminds him of Deschen. Lokesh then kidnaps her, separating her from Ren and Kishan.

Tiger's DestinyEdit

Lokesh has Kelsey held captive in a building well-hidden, using his magic to trap her there. He reveals to her he wishes not only for the Damon amulet, but for a lineage. Lokesh plans to marry Kelsey, have her bare his child, and kill her when their son is born. He begins to assault her, but when she fights back with her own powers he stops only to leave her alone. He is filled with rage when Ren and Kishan rescue Kelsey.


Lokesh has a dark hair and black glittery eyes. He favor expensive clothing—such as suits made exclusively in two locations in India—that reflect his wealth.


Loskeh is extremely cold and cruel with no regard for the living and a dangerous temper. He has killed without care or remorse. The power hungry tyrant is abusive to his people, his servants, and even his own family. Lokesh strangled his wife for bearing him a daughter instead of a son. He used both his magic and his fists to brutally abuse his daughter for many years. He always wanted to marry a strong woman only to break her down, as he intended to marry Deschen and Kelsey.


"I will find you, slit your throat... and take it from your bloody neck."
—Lokesh Tiger's Curse, page unknown
"I shall enjoy tearing your pretty dress into pieces tonight.."
—Lokesh Tiger's Destiny, page unknown