Anik Kadam
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Mr. Kadam


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Dark bronze


Nilima Mehta


King Rajaram
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Tiger's Curse

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Tiger's Promise

"Mr. Kadam not knowing something? Is that even possible?"
Kelsey Hayes Tiger's Quest, page unknown

Anik Kadam (Mr. Kadam) was a main character in the Tiger's Curse series. He was over 300 years old, but wore a special pendent that made him age very slowly, if not at all. He was Ren's employee and Nilima's great-great-great-great grandfather. He died in Tiger's Destiny.


Before Tiger's CurseEdit

Kadam worked for Ren's father as a army attendant. When the Kishan and Ren were cursed as tigers, they ran to him he let them in. They ate there the next day they morphed and told him everything. Astonished at what happened, he called for the king and queen without any protection under the boys requests. When they arrived Deschen let out a scream. The king was furious and thought it was a joke. However, he was quieted when the boys morphing again then changing again to let Anik tell their parents everything. Then Deschen, the boys and Anik went off to a higher part of India.

Soon Anik went to the king and came back with him, much to Deschen's joy. They lived on for another six years, and then Ren's father got very sick. Ren had given Anik his piece of the amulet and no longer than a week later, Ren was captured. That was the final blow to his father. His father died and Deschen stopped eating and died soon after. For Kishan there was nothing left for him so he ran away, leaving Anik to find Ren.

Tiger's CurseEdit

After getting an unexpected call from Dhiren, he flew off to Salem, Oregon to find Kelsey Hayes at the circus. He was caught having a conversation with Ren in his tiger form. They talked for a while and then he went off to find the head circus man.

Asking if he could take Dhiren home to India to a tiger reserve in India, Mr Maurizo agreed. Anik asked Kelsey to go to India with the tiger, since he couldn't, and Kelsey agreed. When they arrived, he left them and he had an argument with Dhiren in human form and had got caught by Kelsey while she was eating. He was gone when she came out of the resturant (he had left to go to Ren's home so that they could go to Phet).

Tiger's QuestEdit

Anik had called Kelsey every week to know if she was okay and got her college classes ready. When Ren had arrived at Kelsey's part of the house they would e-mail each other and calls that they would have they kept secret or talked in Hindi.

When Lokesh's men went after Ren, Kishan and Kelsey, Nilima was on a plane waiting for their arrival without Ren. He was there when they landed leading them home he talked with Kelsey about what had happened and his early life and talking to her about training. They had set off to the Himilayas to find the Dahili Lama along the way telling her more about himself.

Anik played parchisi against Kelsey and Kishan and lost. He was of the live player game over 300 years ago.

Anik accompanied them to the Ocean Teacher.

Having a vision with Kelsey when she touched the scarf finally had a lead on where Ren and Lokesh could be. Finally the plans they had set off to find Ren with the divine scarf, gada, golden fruit and the charam they had found Ren and left without killing Lokesh. When they were at base with others two women had walked up to Ren and Kishan, asking them to be part of their tribe, but to be part of their tribe they had to marry. Ren, having lost his memory, wanted to take them as wives.

Another pair of women asked him if he would like to tattoo his wife, who they believed was Kelsey. He told Kelsey to show her henna and they did not tattoo her.

Anik comforted Kelsey when she was told Ren no longer remembered her, and told her he had bought her a car on her birthday. She did not want it however, and was a little excited when she said she didnt want it, so he could drive it with her. When he went on a drive with Kelsey the day after, he pointed out all its features knowing that she wasnt' interested but decided not to press on the matter.

Tiger's VoyageEdit

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Tiger's DestinyEdit

After rescuing Kelsey from Lokesh, she and the two princes reunite with Mr. Kadam. Lokesh finds them and summons ferocious creatures to attack them with his magic. Kadam is attacked by wolves, snow leopards, and a bear. Lokesh lands the final blow, piercing him through the lung. Kadam dies a slow and painful death.


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Mr. Kadam was like a father to Kishan and Ren. He treated them like sons and even called them his sons. He cared about everyone and knew almost everything.


Kelsey HayesEdit

Mr. Kadam was revered as a grandfatherly figure in Kelsey's eyes, as he treated her as one of his own. He first met Kelsey at the circus she was working at in Oregon. He convinced her to travel with him in order to aid in Ren's transfer to a tiger reserve in his native land. Once in India, he revealed that she was brought there for a very special purpose. When Kelsey begins her adventure, Mr. Kadam is there to guide and help her along the way.


Mr Kadam is Ren's protecter and advisor.


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Nilima is Mr.Kadam's great, great, great, great granddaughter. She was very close with her grandfather. She was one of the few family members he still kept in touch with, as well as the only family member aware of the Tiger's Curse.